iPhone 5 Backup

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System Requirements

  • Processor : Pentium Class

  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
    Mac OS X - 10.4, 10.5. 10.6 and 10.7

  • Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

  • Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space

  • Internet Explorer : Version 4 or later


"I am really amazed after using this backup tool, it helped me a lot to create backup of my confidential data". Thanks a lot! !

Kristine McGuire

Backup iPhone 5 Contact List to Avoid Losing the Contacts

iPhone is an internet and multimedia enabled smart phone that can perform a number of functions like video camera, camera phone, portable media player and much more along with the ability to browse the web. The latest addition to the iPhone is the iPhone 5 which has a number of features and capabilities that make it a must have device for many. It is not only used for establishing communication but also for managing stored data. data that may be very important for personal as well as professional needs, one cannot afford to lose this data.

Since the iPhone stores huge volumes of data that may be very important for personal as well as professional needs, one cannot afford to lose this data. But the bad news here is that the iPhone 5 is very much at risk of virus attack or hard drive breakage. However, there is also good news that if the data stored on the iPhone 5 is backed up and stored onto some other media then one would not lose the data permanently.

Software Features

  • User friendly interactive interface
  • Easily supported with various version of Windows & Mac OS
  • It is able to create backup of iPhone entire content using its advanced algorithm
  • Using this tool one can keep backup to avoid sudden data loss from iPhone 5.

You need to backup iPhone 5 contact list and all the other data stored on the iPhone with the help of an efficient and reliable third party iPhone 5 contacts backup software that can backup the contacts onto your Mac or PC efficiently without the loss of any information. If you backup iPhone 5 contact list then you would not lose the contacts when the iPhone loses the contacts because the contacts have already been backed up with the help of the iPhone 5 contacts backup software.

The software has user friendly graphical user interface that makes it possible for anyone even without any technical knowledge to install it with ease. So now with the help of this software you can rest assured that the contacts from your iPhone would not be lost and you would not lose any numbers and accessibility to your near and dear ones.