iPhone 5 Backup

Software Help

System Requirements

  • Processor : Pentium Class

  • Operating System : Microsoft Windows 7/Vista/2003/XP/2000
    Mac OS X - 10.4, 10.5. 10.6 and 10.7

  • Memory : Minimum 256 MB (512 MB recommended)

  • Hard Disk : 50 MB of free disk space

  • Internet Explorer : Version 4 or later


"I am really amazed after using this backup tool, it helped me a lot to create backup of my confidential data". Thanks a lot! !

Kristine McGuire

Backup iPhone 5 Data Easily in a Few Steps

One of the most loved and appreciated gadgets by people all over the world; the iPhone 5 is a digital multimedia device that is not only used as a phone to establish communication with one’s near and dear ones but also for storing all types of data. All types of multimedia information- from emails to songs and videos, to notes, contacts and meeting schedules- the iPhone is used for a variety of purposes as it carries all these tasks simultaneously with efficacy.

The release of the iPhone 5, the latest addition to the iPhone family, people are thronging to access one. The iPhone 5 has a number of features that were not present in its earlier versions. This has made possible for a user to store even more data in it. However, like all smart devices the iPhone 5 is also vulnerable to data loss due to several reasons like hard drive breakage or virus infection.

Software Features

  • User friendly interactive interface
  • Easily supported with various version of Windows & Mac OS
  • It is able to create backup of iPhone entire content using its advanced algorithm
  • Using this tool one can keep backup to avoid sudden data loss from iPhone 5.

In such a situation it is very necessary that you backup iPhone 5 data. Since the iPhone 5 is capable of storing large volumes of data, any data loss can cause serious problems for the user. It is necessary to create iPhone 5 backup. With the help of an efficient and reliable third party iPhone 5 backup software one can backup the entire data stored on the iPhone 5 and get avoid any data loss situations. If the backup is created beforehand then if you lose the iPhone data due to any reason, your data would not be lost forever because the data has already been backed up.

You can backup iPhone 5 data easily in a few easy steps because the graphical user interface of the software is very user friendly. It can recover emails, contacts, calendar entries, images, videos, songs and whatever data the iPhone 5 stores. You can download and install the software and see for yourself how effectively the software works.


User Guide: How to Use iPhone 5 backup Software for Windows system

Step:1) Install iPhone Backup Software and connect iPhone to your computer system. Automatically software will detect it and display the list of file from the iPhone.

Step:2) Select the files that you want to take backup and then click on export button.

Step:3) After clicking on export button, a dialog box will pop up from where you can select either backup to computer or itunes directly. You can set the output folder at Advanced->Options before the file transfer.

Step:4) When backup is completed a Window will pop up showing message that 'export finished' after which you can see it from the location stored in.